My New Brushes And Stuffs

Hi! Having make up is almost like doing artwork hee...hee... We should have BRUSHES!

If I looking for painting brushes, I like it soft and durable. Some of my brushes are made from fox hair. But when I picking brushes for make up I'm a little bit confuse.

Beware of fake brushes, especially when you go to online shop that sell MAC Brushes Set with cheap price. I don't wanna judge that brushes aren't good for your face but, as I collecting information there's no MAC brushes set except Hello Kitty Brushes Set. There's also Bobbi Brown replica brushes set.

I did almost buy those replica make up brushes, but when I saw the quality of it in beauty shop there's no different with China/Hongkong/Taiwan make up brushes quality. Yes, it is soft and really good to use (I don't know about the durability), but it has ridiculously expensive in my opinion compare to non branded make up brushes from China.

I uses Oriflame brushes before and an unknown blusher brush (I forgot what it's brand or where I bought it, I think I bought it in Surabaya)

Do you see that orange and white pencil in there?

It's my new eye brow pencil and eye liner pencil from VIVA
Yes! It is VIVA I'm talking about, maybe for Indonesian women must know about this brand. It's famous from it's cheap prices and natural make up for Tropical country.

Maybe Viva is the ELF from Indonesia, so far I know ELF is very cheap cosmetic (a dollar for an eyelash curler?)

I like this eyebrow pencil, I'm not an eyebrow pencil user before I met this pencil :) But I don't really like the pencil liner, it's OK for couple hours if you apply on eye lid, just don't apply on your waterline because it's get messy quickly.

About Oriflame powder brush... It's bit itchy on my face. I don't use it often, that's why I need new powder brush. Blender brush is a Ok.

Continued to fake MAC and Bobbi Brown brushes, I think it doesn't matter what brand I use, isn't like everybody gonna check what brand do I use anyway, right? I'm representing ordinary person who love and try to appreciate how to appear great with make up :)

With 10$ I bought the whole set of brushes (even I don't know what the hell it's use most of it)

This is the brushes set pouch, it's look cheap but I don't really care as long it can manage all my brushes when I'm going to travel.

So this is 18 brushes set, don't be afraid, they're really soft!! I like how neat the brushes, easy to clean, and cheap also.

I'm using them a lot hee... hee... it's almost 2 weeks.

Did I mention that I want to colors my hair? Yey!! I did!
I used ETUDE Bubble DIY hair coloring :) It's very easy, even though all "how to" is in Korean.

Click here if you want to know how to use this product : Liese Bubble Hair Colour

I used natural brown on my black hair, I don't bleach, if you want to have brighter color maybe you should buy bleaching hair cream.

How's the result?

I haven't take a clear photo of myself, I prefer to photo shoot someone else, but that hair's color is changed taraaa... It's really bright under sunlight, so far I love it so much :)

Err.. My face looks tired here... Well, lately I've been busy. Along with going back and forth from Salatiga to Semarang every weekend, last time I went to dress fitting to make new party long dress. My fiancee's brother going to be married this November, I'm going to help on reception desk, in Indonesia the guests usually bring gift (or money pocket gift) and fills guest book, so I'll be responsible for those gifts basket. A little bit boring thing actually...

To maintain my hair healthiness I used these :

Tresemme is in Indonesia :D
I want the heat protection hair spray but i can't find it. So I change to Intensive Makarizo Serum and Heat Protection Spray

Smell's good! It's make my hair soft and silky :) Love it! I recommend it, you can apply it before styling your hair with hair straightener or curling iron, just make sure your hair is dry and the serum soak into you hair.


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