Make Up Dummy Me

I was asking my self :

Do you have any idea there's A LOT of brush types for make up?
Have you use your brushes correctly and cleaned it at minimum once a week?
Are you aware that organic or eco-make up also have chemicals inside?
Are you aware that make up must expired date even it has natural ingredients?

Actually I'm using make up since High School, but I'm not aware of what should or shouldn't in make up things. For professional make up artist I must be claimed for severely retarded on the issues of make up problems. So put on make up every day without noticing how to overcome make up problems and maintain healthy make up not making you a make up pro (-_____- ")

Have you heard a Korean girl case? Bae Dal Mi is a 20 years old girl who did not remove her make up for 2 years! Crazy thing huh? Her make up was perfect, but she's not aware that make up can do such harm to her appearance, now she have early aging on her skin twice of her age!


Good brushes were made of goat/sable/pony hair (no kidding, it's also good for painting, even China uses fox's hair to make painting brushes). There's also synthetic hair which is cheaper.

To maintain it's look and longing the brushes quality, use baby soap/shampoo to rinse it at least once a week, if you used heavy make up it's recommended to clean it at least twice a week. Rinse it gentle with cool water (hot water make the glue loosen up the hair), don't wipe it with tissues or cloth better to hang it to drip the water off.

It's important to clean the brushes, because make residual that remain in it can cause irritation on the skin, acne, or blackheads/whiteheads.


Blending sponge, cleansing sponge, or this new sponge Beauty Blender must be clean after use with cool water. Wet sponge eats a lot of compact powder/liquid foundation/cream foundation. Wet sponge which not clean often become a little bit smelly time after time, attracts mold? Maybe (0_o) Aarrgghh!!


*recommending GHD hair straightener (I've got one)

*GHD curling iron

USE heat protection spray or serum before using hair straightener or curling iron, better do hair spa before too.

Using heat protection spray or same kind of product doesn't make your hair safe for abusing hair straightener/curling iron everyday. A very high quality hair straightener brands or HQ material used only reducing the damage of the heat (better buy recommended and high quality straightener/curling iron with expensive price than cheaper but not convincing product.

AWARE OF EXPIRED DATE! Not all make up product have expired date, especially when you buy local brands. After first time you open make up product, you have 3 years to use it up before it's expired (if it's open and only has a year expired date left then use it up quickly)

Natural substance make up has expired date! I was fooled once by a worker at famous international beauty outlet, she said it's natural product so it doesn't have expired date. Have you thought that the more it has natural substance there's great chance of limited expired date? Cut an apple, leave it for a day and see what happen to it. Cut an apple, leave it in formalin jar for a day, nothing happen.

I'm not surprise if chemical substance have long expired date.
I might updating this topic since it's important to have healthy skin with make up. If you guys know and updated bring the info :D I put your blog's link in mine :)


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