Chemical Peeling - My Face Back!

Waiiii!! I'm so happy!!!

My face back! My face a lot smoother and brighter (bye-bye red face). Of course my skin a little bit flake off once in a while, there's still little dead skin left.

I've got a story to share if you want to go to Dermatologist and want to have chemical peeling, ask every details of post-treatment before you let the Doctor apply those chemical thingy!

Actually chemical peeling process different with using night peeling cream. I put night peeling cream is a soft method to peeling the dead skin off, because chemical peeling have 3 levels types : mild, medium and deep.

Mild Chemical Peeling
This type can be used on all skin types. Mild chemical peels usually use liquid containing a mild acid (usually taken from fruits but it depend), most often glycolic acid. The chemical peeling is applied to the skin with small brush, left on for several minute, then it's wipe off. You'll feel little burning or hot on your skin while the chemical works.

Before peeling make sure to prepares your skin with skincare regiment every day by cleansing twice a day, and never forget to wear sunscreen to avoid brown spots, this will help your skin peels evenly and increase healing after peel.

Medium Chemical Peeling
The steps is same as mild peeling, but medium peels are more painful than superficial peels, because the chemicals are stronger and they soak deeper into the skin.
Maybe you'll be given pain reliever (@_@)"

Deep Chemical Peeling
Is the most painful type of chemical peeling, I never done this, sort of this method better for particular case. It's using complicated chemicals and start off with anesthesia injection. Heart monitor to receive intravenous used during procedure, because this peeling method using phenol which is toxic when absorbed into body systems in large doses. After the skin has been thoroughly cleaned, the chemical will be applied and allowed to penetrate. After one area of the face is treated, there will be a 15-minute break before the next area is treated to avoid getting too much phenol in your system.

Tape or ointment may be applied to the area after the peel to treat deeper problem areas. When tape is used, it is removed after 2 days. Ointment is washed off with water after 24 hours and then reapplied as needed.

Depending on how large an area is being treated, the entire procedure may take 60 to 90 minutes.

. . . . It's almost similar to torture than treatment. . . I think. . . .


I went to my Dermatologist, Dr. Elly (Skin Clinic Elia Pharma at Indraprasta Semarang, Indonesia). She gave little information about step by step to use the night cream and night peeling cream, toner, and facial foam. BUT she never told me if applying thick or thin peeling cream have different effect on the skin! It might be different effects or progress if you choose different peeling cream.

When I go back to clinic to ask (to sue! Sue the doctor!!). Unfortunately the doctor was going to social group gathering, the substitute was very nice to see me even though it's almost closed, with her stiff face and soft voice, she told me the sunburn feels and stingy stuff to my skin was happen because the peeling cream effects to heavy (0_o)! Not all women (or men) smeared thin layer of face cream, wait maybe just me who smeared face cream to thick . . .

She gave me cleansing cream which reduce the heat effects, calming the skin, and day cream. So my face naturally better :)

I suggest to ask clearly step by step, amount of cream or how far the condition of skin peeling treatments are still in normal condition, what to do in case of irritation, and what kind of irritation that can happen to your skin.

Be beauty and healthy!


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Hi Amel..nice to read your blog..anyway we have same dermatologist

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