Chemical Peeling - Hurting My Face OFF

Hello guys, how are you this weekend?

I was planning to share my new mini make up collection for this week topic, and I hope you guys kind enough to give some feed back about cosmetics that I bought. BUT my plan was interrupted by this night cream accident from my new dermatologist.

I don't usually go to dermatologist, because my first skin clinic was cost too much with no different change on my skin. The second one is cheaper, the treatment kind of working but the place really far from my house, and the dermatologist's not always available because she got 3 beauty clinics. I don't like it when the double change my prescription without permission. Since then I'm wearing non medical facial skin treatment like Ponds or Body Shop.

At Sunday (2/9 2012)I went to my sister Dermatologist, a reason why do I don't like to go to skin clinic is the possibility of getting chemical treatment dependency. But since I've got skin irritation from my previous compact powder and got whiteheads breakout (strange right?) I thought to consult my condition, buy the night cream, and get the problem solved.

I told her (my dermatologist), I've got some acne scars from irritation and want to clear that up, I told her I want to clear my freckles to (at least to fade my freckles). I have freckles, it's my biggest problem on my face. She gave me facial foam, skin toner, 2 kind of night creams. Night cream can't do any harm right, it's gonna make your skin smooth in the morning right?? Or that's what I usually think.

But it appears this night cream is nightmare...

I know this is normal for dermatologist to give it for healing acne scars and removing blemishes, but I don't know this will be going for weeks of peeling the dead skin off (the duration depends on the condition of your skin face). For the first 3 days my face hurt, my skin become red (like boiled crab), and dry. I can't smile too wide or open my mouth to bite big size food (like sweet bread or even a sushi), so I have to cut it smaller.

I want to cry. What if it become worse? My face is darker day by day and feels like plastic wrapping my face. When I googled some info of chemical peeling, oh, so having red face and peel off skin are natural to happen when you've got chemical peeling. Even it's natural, hurting my face is my last option to fix my face problem, IMO hurting your face is not good for mental health! I'm not confident, getting panic attack, and not enough sleep for 5 days!

What's make me nervous is on next Monday is going to be first week of semester, I can't speak and give lecture in front of new students *Argh! They will get super destructive horror and permanently stick in their brain

After 3 days, yesterday and today my face calming off, not really getting more redness but still drying and peels off a bit. There's some dark skin spots on my face, it's look like plastic or dry peel off mask, it's disturbing.

You might think why did I continue this treatment? I want to continue this madness because when I look at my left cheek yesterday I saw no dry and dark skin spot area was peeled, maybe it's peeled off when I clean my face with toner, the skin in that area is really soft and it's color like my usual skin tone!

So cross my finger and hope this dark skin spots peels off soon.

I miss my make up a bit... hee hee...


n4tch4n said...

maybe you can try aloevera gel for the redness?

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