My Favorites - Movies, the actors and actrees

Hellow, are you fans of movies? Who doesn't, right?

My friends at university once said to me my favors to movie is odd. I don't have specific kind of movie which I like, when I interested to it, I'm going watch it to decide am I going to love it or just like it.

1. I love almost all of Denzel Washington movies, I fall in love when I saw Man On Fire. So I kept going on searching and waits another movie with him as a cast. The reason is all of his movie at least capturing different personalities, he got great performance of characters. Another movies of Denzel, some of it I watched it over and over : The American Gangster, Deja Vu, Book Of Eli, The Great Debaters, Bone Collector, and 2 Guns

Denzel Washington

2. LOTR vs The Hobbit (on going) personally I liked both, but I love Hobbit more. I love dwarfs. The reason is simple they are better than Harry Potter.
The Hobbit : The Desolation Of Smaug movie posters

3. All Johnny Depp fantasy movies. I don't care if it's not in blockbuster or box office. I once saw the movie based on true story : Donnie Brasco, I recall if it's wrong please correct me... And only this one movie of Johnny which made me cry. 
 Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of Caribbean Trilogies

4. Breakfast At Tiffanys!!! This 50's jetsetter is blowing my mind. Holly Golightly, She's like my fictional fashion icon.
Breakfast At Tiffany's

5. Scott Pilgrimm Vs The World. Michael Cera isn't my fave actor, I don't even know him befote he played movie with Jack Black. This movie is hilarious the scenes are very comical and very like fighting games in 80's.
Scott Pilgrim VS The World movie poster

6. Inglorious Basterds, love all the basterds heehee... This movie is charming, beautiful languages, and great acting performance. Note: Brad Pitt a little bit lost there, descendant of Apache? Maybe I'm going to find another Quentin Tarantino fascinating movies... Kill Bill is one but it's not making me to watch it over...
Picture of Inglorious Basterds fan

7. Hugh Jackman movies, not all but some. X-Men, love Wolverine but not the rest. Fave : Real Steel
Hugh Jackman in Real Steel

8. Samurai X. First I thought, OMG this is going to be so bad, so many film based on manga or video game was disasters. But! I must say this one is the perfect one yet. Note: even better than 47 Ronins. 
Rurouni Kenshin the movie, Kouichi Satou as Kenshin Himura

9. Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I don't focusing on the stories (1,2,3) or acting performance but aren't the dogs very very lovable, cute, bubbly hugs????
Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie poster

10. Disney and Ghibli movies. I ate it all. Frozen was the last movie I seen, and the first Disney movie I watched in movie, bought the cassette (bought it twice because I was accidentally erased some of the songs), and a VCD, few years later I bought the CD OST, and after 10 years I bought the DVD also is THE  LION KING....  Even Little Mermaid can't makes me do that things... Cinderella and Snow White also my favorites when they're in video tape hee hee... Ghibli movies from Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, The Cat Returns, Ponyo, and Grave Of The Fireflies....all of them are very lovable movies! I recommend you to watch! If you like cartoon, anime, and deep story of fantasy.

The Lion King cover CD

Studio Ghibli Movies Collection


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