20 facts about me

20 facts about me XP *meh...

I know this is about me, but these 20 facts about me are some kind of remembrance, that I might read couple years later. You can doing it also :)

1. I'm born 1985 and  my weight is only 2.6 kg
2. I'm second child of 7 siblings
3. I have one big sister, 3 brothers, and 2 sisters
4. I have the degree of Visual Communication Design
5. I have the degree of Master of Art
6. I was in the same school with my husband in High School but we don't know each other at that time
7. I have 2 tattoos on my back, they're initials of us with wings
8. My first starstruck is Ronan Keating of Boyzone
9. My first manga is Min Min (cute manga from the 80's)
10. I'm Chinese born Indonesia
11. I can't speak mandarin *sad*
12. I won 2nd place at annual French Reading News Contest at UNNES, Semarang, Indonesia
13. I started Wu Shu at age 7 years old
14. I won first medal of Wu Shu National Championship at Surabaya, Nan Quan - Tao Lu class, 3rd place, 1996
15. I won my last medal of Wu Shu National Championship at Semarang, Nan Quan - Tao Lu class, 2nd place 2003
16. I was in PON elimination games (National Sports Week of Indonesia), ended up eliminated *ROFL*
17. I'm struggling to keep my weight below 54 kg, my dream weight is 48 kg
18. My first smoke is first year at university,
19. My first long drive at 2004, I drove my father's to Yogyakarta, and crashed the bumper in front of my cousin's house
20. I believe God is a place for us to tell him how grateful we're, not to beg our selfish requests


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