All About Eyes and Shadows

Hello :)

Do you wears make up everyday? What is your make up item which is a must have?

I'm not a beauty guru or make up guru, but I do aware that Asian make up was focusing a lot more on eyes. Maybe to make it bigger or rounder, or maybe something else. Back then in my college days, a black eye liner is always in my make up bag, I usually don't wear any eye shadows or blusher :p.

Well, we're improving being right? Always black is monochrome, dark, and gloomy. If you have panda eyes like me then black eye shadows complete us to be a real panda! So I look around to be more colorful person hehehe....

After I looked around Youtube for make up tutorials (I was had a phase, you know it when you're really addicted watching it but can't apply it). Most of really good make up artist are having similar hand gestures such as painter, how they applying colors and making great gradations... They made the eyes look beautiful not blotchy...

So, like other rookies, especially if you're also stingy about something that you don't understand yet like me (I hope you don't though). I bought just around standard price make up kit, I've never wear false/fake make up even rookies should know how dangerous it is if you have some complexion it's mean trouble.... But make up kit made in Indonesia always shimmery and glossy, both eye shadows and lipstick, even there's also a shimmery loose powder. What am I gonna be? A Christmas Tree? :(

I had bought NYX Bohemian Chic Color palette eye shadows as a trial to use an expensive make up item. Don't be surprise, $ vs IDR is gruesome for your wallet if you're Indonesian.... NYX is consider as drugstore make up in US or other country maybe, if you say drugstore I thought a cheap make up but still have good quality. A branded eyelash curler price about a dollar? You'll never see it here in Indonesia... If you're using US$, you can buy tons of drugstore branded make up with just 100$ that will last at least 2 years... *make up items that usually available at local drugstore : Silky Girl, Viva, and Maybelline.

It has really pretty matte color, not too shimmery, and added two colors of blushers. I believe more experienced people gonna make pretty nude color eye make up or smokey eye make up with this palette :)

I thought it was a dupe for Naked Palette, because it has nude colors too, but most of it are matte colors, but maybe I'm very wrong. Naked palette is really popular among YT beauty guru, but for me it's really pricey,  and I'm not gonna buy an eye shadows palette which cost half of my allowance (-____-) When Naked Palette 2 is really booming, and I have to have it when I finished gathering money (I'm a gatherer hahahaha!!! JK) Suddenly they launch Naked Palette 3! WTH...

This is also famous but, not as I heard about NAKED 2

This one I really like :)

and then BOOM!!!
 Aren't you confuse? Or maybe it's just me (an amateur like me don't understand)
UD just compiled NAKED 1 and NAKED 2 to become NAKED 3??? The colors are mixed up together (@_@) Sorry, no offense, I've never wear these palettes so if you have them, you're very lucky girl!

It's seems hopeless now to gathering, I give up to become a gatherer.... *nyaahh... just kidding...*

But I just order 1 pretty palette from Etude House, Play Color Palette 1 :) They have two types as you can see below :

Preeeetyyy.... I don't know this palette more attractive to me, and suddenly I just ordered it for IDR 295k (convert in Korea approx. 26000 Won, and convert in US$ approx. 25$). It's around 22000 Won in Korea, and it's limited edition.

I'm just thinking what I'm gonna do with that beautiful red there.... one reviewers said she love the no. 2 palette (without vivid red), because you can applied it daily, but from my point of view palette 2 is common... no offense... Is it a dupe for NAKED? No it's obviously not, it doesn't have a lot of colors and most of it shimmery and glittery.

(-_____-) So why do I ended up ordered shimmery and glittery eye shadows??? (which I don't like actually)
Meh... I watched @from head to toe Korean Style make up tutorial, and I think shimmery and glittery is not that bad, it depends on how you apply the eye make up. It's really simple tutorial actually. But I suggest you try to watch her tutorial and NAKED 1, 2, 3 reviews and comparison :p

See you and da~dah


n4tch4n said...

WOOT! WOOT! I've just ordered Sleek pallette! Tends to be everyday make up color tho, but I heard it's good :

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