Call Me Mrs!! ;p (pt.2)

Hi! I'll continue from pt.1 Call Me Mrs!! :D *ROFL... (actually I don't really used to it already...)

So... I said before that I didn't lost an inch or a cm bit from my arms, and I was promised to my self to lost weight before prewedding, I FAILED TO LOST WEIGHT *gyahahaha.... I was GAINED WEIGHT XD

And at that moment I didn't realize it until I went to my bridal to fit my dress for 3rd time, my wedding dress was not fitted at all!!! They can't buttoning because there was a gap about 3 cm *I was about to cry!!! It was fitted on me perfectly before, and then...* What's scares me at that moment was, it's only 2 weeks before the W-day!!

I weighed after that and ta-da.... 59 kg lalala... lalala... lalala.. approx. 130 lbs!!!! gyahahha...... *Can you feel how depressed I am at that time??

I went to this beauty clinic and body slimming care just to lost at least an inch of my arms, and probably losing weight. The doctor recommended me to use RF treatment, it's very easy, not hurting and middle cost, and I went there 4 times to have my arms treated, and I lost about 2 cm of my arms in 2 weeks. Do I lost some weight? Yes I am!!

So this is my diet routine for my wedding day in 2 weeks :
Drink a lot of water! I almost drink 2 ltrs a day, I don't drink any soft drinks
Eat in small portions but always have carbohydrate, in my case white rice, at least 5 tablespoons.
I don't picky about side dishes, I can get anything that I want but I prefer not to eat a lot fried food or meat
Don't eat snacks!!! I'm not eating any candies, chocolate, chips, or anything. Just drink water if I want to snacks.
Don't eat after 6 PM!! Eat fruits!! I'm substituted dinner with fruits, or I had dinner before 6 PM.
Do I get exercise? Err... Actually I just doing daily activity so... No... It will better to have it though...

THE Result!!! TA-DA!! 53 kg lalala... lalala.. lalala... approx. 116 lbs *Oh So Happy!!!* I went to fitting the dress again, but it got oversize hahaha... they had to shrunk it a bit. But it's okay, the dress is beautiful on me now ;p *that's what I thought

At my wedding day, I must woke up at 02.30 AM and go to my bridal for make up *yes, 02.30 AM* Usually I can't wake up because I haven't sleep!!

Jeffrey was my make up artist, his doing great job, he's also owning the bridal. He said my skin was good, the make up product was easily applied. So I thought wow, it's the miracle of ETUDE Moistfull Collagen Cream, I'm using it until now and I going to buy again :)

The hair... They want to make it to look like 1920's style, but my hair to is too soft and thin (even though it's a lot) so they have to changed style. If I've got that looks (1920s) it might be get into the theme I want to, but sadly, yea... okay....

Everything perfect so  I guessed this is it, this is my wedding day, it's gonna be okay! hahaha....

to be continued...


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