Mini Make Up and Skin Care Collection

note: I'm not a make-up artist or make up guru. I'm just learning makeup by my own.

Hi :)
Couple weeks ago I was disposing expired makeup, so I bought some for exchange, and thin up my entire collection. Especially skin care routine, since my face is improving so I change my dermatologist skin care to Body Shop.

Fist thing first, this is my blusher, face powders, and eyeshadows...

1. Maybelline Shine Free Blush is very pigmented, matte results, good pint is you don't have to dab it too much to apply it on your face. For lighter skin would be too red, so do not get too many or you might end up like your face's slapped.

2. Tony Moly Cristal Blusher :) I like it so much, it's new, I just bought it and fell in love with it. I know I should go for peach or orange, because this pink jubilee works more like shimmers for your face

3. REVLON compact powder, I love this so much yet this one was the cause of my whiteheads break out... This works really well actually, matte results gives clean smooth face. I keep this just for finishing bold make up. *I don't want to have whiteheads breakout again*

4. Acnes Compact Powder, when I've got those whiteheads on my face, I thought it might help, but the smell is... like medication drugs? Anyway I don't like it.

5. Viodi Acne Loose Powder, I found this loose powder and love it, very soft particle, makes your face soft but it's only have one color. After my peeling done, my face brighter then before this powder makes my face darker.

6. Ultima II Full Moisture Loose Powder, my current loose powder, yey... I like it so much, light on your face, and very cute lavender package :)

7. Mirabella 12 colors palette ----> THESE actually my first eye shadow palettes! For beginners this palette is cheap, high pigmented, long lasting use, and great colors. This is local by the way, made in Indonesia :D *on my college time I was only using dark eyeliner and black eye shadow... punk and goth always my style those days...(-___- ")

8. Bless Eye Shadow, I want to dispose this, but the texture is good, nothing change, so I guess it's still save to use. . . Maybe I'll dispose this later. It's not really great but not bad, just average eye shadow. Again this is also local, made in Indonesia.

9. VIVA Eye Shadow Duo! Hahahaha!!! I've got these two when I buy set of eye brow and liner pencil of VIVA. Do I recommend these? It has really shimmer pigmented color, so I'm not using it as eye shadows yet, sometime I use the brick brown eye shadow as eye brow liner to match my hair color to my eye brow :p But the black is matte so I uses it as eye liner sometime.

10. Moving on to my second favorite : REVLON Wet/Dry Shadow Ombre A Paupiers, in flesh tone :D This very good for natural look if you're in hurry, bit light and dark shadows give some eye liner, taraaaa... finish!!

11. Last eye shadow is my NEW NYX 10 colors eyeshadow, the Runway Collection, Caviar and Bubble. LOVE IT! It's my favorite now :D Almost use it all the time :D It's high pigmented for long use, nude and netral color plus soft pink and matte black! I definitely recommend this for 2012 makeup beginners!

Lipsticks, I had a lot of lipsticks before, so sad when my favorite nude color is expired.

12. VIVA Queen in pale pink, this one have cute matte color, sometime I use this as lip base (hahaha...)before I apply another lipstick to make lip-tint Korean look.

13. ETUDE Aqua Rouge, it's orange red, very beautiful color, glossy look makes you lip plumps, maybe I'll look for orange like orange fruit lipstick after this haha! I'm referring Hyuna looks on PSY - Gangnam Style feat. Hyuna.

14. Maybelline Water Shine and Revlon Matte lipstick, I don't really see the differences of the color, except Maybelline have this really glossy look and Revlon really really matte. It's for natural lip color, so use it when my lip's pale or to red... or to black?

15. LIP BALM!! Don't ever wear lipstick when your lip were cracked. Put on lip balm before you sleep and apply it before using lipstick. If I'm too lazy to wears lipstick, I use Lip Ice Sheer Color :) It's gradually change your lip bit more red. Oriflame Tender care isn't only use for lip, it can be use for any other dry area such your hands, nails, elbows, ankles etc. I've got this Tender Care Caramel on promo, smell sweet like caramel syrup or candy ;p

16. ORIFLAME Very Me liquid foundation... actually I must confess, I don't know what the hell is this, is it bb cream? Foundation? Maybe a primer base for make up? Anyway I use this before match so good on my skin, right now it's make my face become orange *Duh.. I'm happy my face is brighter, but it cost me to dispose this foundie thing and loose powder

17. New mascara... Hyper Curl Mascara by Maybelline, my last mascara from Face Shop was dry up, so I guess it's time to change it. My first mascara also Maybelline, it's cheap (in my opinion)and good quality also. My new and still in sealed is Tony Moly Simply Style, I haven't use it yet because mascara only have 3 months using time, if you keep it correctly it may live longer (Gahahahaha.. sorry I don't have better line)

18. VIVA Queen eye base gel , I'm not recommend to buy this but it's cheap and useful for some time to keep your eye make up stay longer. You may have another brand for this.

19. SHISEIDO Black Mask!! I highly recommend this, but if you have sensitive skin or having acne problems please cure the acne first before use. This peel off mask is works really good! It's peel off you dead skin, whiteheads, blackheads, and I think some of your face hair! (just kidding!) you may get it online for 1$ a sachet, 1 sachet for 2 times full face mask, and 5-6 times for your nose/T area.

20. Since I'm wearing Body Shop Skin care, their day cream don't have SPF or sun blocking effects, so I bought this REVLON new complexion sun block face cream. Very light, I'm apply this after day moisturizer cream and before bb cream.

21. Hair velcro!! I'm addicted to this thing hahaha!! Works better than having bandana :) It's for holding your hair back while you apply make up, wearing mask, or cleaning your face. very-very cheap! 1$ maybe, but in Indonesia only IDR 3000 hahaha...

So that's is my mini make up collection, if you got review on product that I use let me know :)


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