ETUDE Milk Talk and Free Samples!!

Hi everyone, since I’m selling ETUDE original product online, so here’s something for you which is recommended to buy :)

Yey!! Since I’ve got promo, I’ve sold out this babies in my stock hee hee hee… But if you interested to buy ETUDE products, feel free to ask me. I’m opening order for Indonesia only; please message me on or Twitter DM: @AmeliaHoo. I’m sorry haven’t open up order outside Indonesia.

Note: I sell fashion bags too; they’re imported from Hong Kong/PROC. Also exclusive open order custom made original/synthetic leather bag email me for details 

BACK to ETUDE!! Milk Talk ETUDE is Milky Body Wash with sweet milk fragrance for you girls (and boys if you’re interested ;))
It’s promo week my customers get this very very cute HQ sponge bath!

1. Milk Talk Bath Strawberry Set include strawberry body lotion, strawberry sponge bath, strawberry milk shower body wash, and strawberry shower cap (cute packaging, the box was designed like pink refrigerator). The Shower cap is really cute, it’s round and has strawberry pattern, also reminds me of painter’s hat.

2. Milk Talk Set is including cute sponges! There’re 5 fragrance, strawberry milk, banana milk, apple milk, chocolate milk, and white milk. Each type get 1 free sponge refers to fragrance; you’ll get strawberry sponge if you choose Milk Talk Strawberry and apple sponge for Milk Talk Apple. The banana is look like yellow apple but there’s a banana attached on it, same for chocolate. Milk Talk Milk get this ball of sponge with cow pattern in baby blue and white color.

I’ve got a lot of free samples since getting a lot products sold, I try the bb cream :D I know some sellers sell the samples for around 0.5$, but I don’t intend to do that. It’s free; I even gave some to my customers so they might get to buy the product.

From left to right and to the left again : Bright Fit BB Cream 30 SPF, Bright Fit BB Cream 50 SPF, Nymph Aura Volumer, white moistfull, be clear moisturizer, and chocolate milk talk body wash, and collagen moistfull,

Bright Fit BB Cream Precious Mineral 30 SPF and 50 SPF
I tried this and finished off 1 sachet already, you don’t have to use a lot, you can use two times for 1 sachet :) I like this one!! Better than the 50 SPF. Why? Because the 50 SPF more oily but more lasting though. So it’s up to you, if your face is oily you can use the 30 SPF, if you need to use long lasting make up use the 50 SPF (oil face paper recommended, usually in tropical country heat seems to make our skin produce oil to keep the skin moist)

Nymph Aura Volumer
I haven’t use this yet, don’t have party event yet (hey… my friend getting married this October, and Halloween party also!!). Why it’s really good to use for party? I don’t say it’s for party, you like to look like Korean artist this is what you need :D It’s going to make your face brighter and shimmery look like Korean artist do 
White Moistfull and Be Clear Moisturizer are moisturizer of course, all for brightening effects, different use.

Milk Talk Choco!!
I’m giving these free samples to customer!

Collagen Moistfull trial kit, haven’t open it yet, its collagen moisturizer kit. You know, collagen is good for rejuvenating and make younger skin for your face, even though in some cases make you get acne breakout. So far I’m consuming vitamin E for my skin, never get the chance to try collagen drink (hmm… Thinking to try it)


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