Korea Beauty Stuff Addicted?

Hi, as you know Korean Wave getting attention in fashion and cosmetics world wide.

Korean Wave's really trending in my country, boybands and girlbands are appearing with ridiculously speed like growing mushrooms. This also makes girls interested in how to be appears like Korean actress, personally I like it too, but it's not my biggest concern though.

But curiosity beats me, recently I bought this thing : Red Pomegranate Whitening Lotion. I have some problem in my hands and feet area, I've got sun burnt when going out under the sun (;___;), it's bothers me. It's got worse after my trip to Madura Island (I think I like to share to you guys after I transfer photos from my camera.

It says can make your skin glows and white in instant. I'm aware that 'instant' thing might dangerous, but I try it anyway and spent about 6$ include shipping rate. So this is the product :

Hey, it might work haha... Sorry for bad picture I took it with my Blackberry camera.
It's not making your skin getting white in instant permanently, when you rinse the lotion off while bathing, your skin back to the way it is before but cleaner and soft! The seller said it's going to make my skin white permanently after using it approximately 3 months. Okay, after I finished this stuff up I'll throw it into trash bin. I'm not sure this product was manufactured in Korea, in the back of package I don't see any information where the hell is the company. Seller's also sent me this package in plastic wrap no box, where's the guarantee???

Another thing that I bought is this : DoDora All Gone Hair

This thing gonna make you think it's from Korea, actually it's from Taiwan (what?)
With this product because you can get rid of you body hair like on your arms, legs, and armpits easily in 10-15 minutes no shaving and no waxing anything. It might can be use for 'other' hair but I'm not recommend that.

It's easy, warm your body parts which you want to get rid of the hair, apply small amount of lotion make sure it spread evenly, wait for 10 minutes, rub with warm wet towel voila... your hair gone! I don't know, but your hair will detached (?) or fall off (??) I think it's gone along with skin impurities maybe?

I tried it on my arms and leg :p Actually I don't have annoying body hair, so after used it I just feel my legs are smoother hihihi... It's been a month and my legs still smooth,I like it.

This is the package, it's small but it's not that pricey too it's about 3.5$ include shipping rate.

But it's also don't have company information nor ingredients... The back of it we'll see information of the product and how to use it. Meh.. what the..

I believe this thing looks like Japanese Skin Bleaching Cream, once I read about it in comic-manga book! Believe it or not it's manga of Miiko!

Well, that a few reviews about product that being used recently by me. Be aware anyway, Korea top products isn't usually found easily and it's not going to be cheap!


n4tch4n said...

i heard the pome lotion was fraud.. you can check them here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.358466784193136.83954.100000894513918&type=3

Amelia Hoo said...

OMG, then I was right to put that product to trash bin! Because this product's really suspicious. (ʃƪˆヮˆ)[τ̲̅н̲̅a̲̅и̲̅κ̲̅ ч̲̅o̲̅u̲̅](ˆヮˆʃƪ) for noticing

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