Hi... Mini Puchi-desu (。◕‿◕。)

Hi everyone, this is my first English language blog, I named it Mini Puchi, "puchi" actually a Japanese term of petite, and from what I read, is not similar to "chibi". Puchi is smaller than chbi (^__^") So Mini Puchi meant very very small (hahaha...)

I'm aware of blog was made to fulfill people's need to write, twitter also took important part of human need to talk and sharing. I'm one of million blogger who get the advantages of writing blogs :)


Hello, I'm from Indonesia :)
Indonesia is a country in South East Asia, we're rich of culture and nature. We was once known as Asian Tiger. Bali is one of Indonesian Archipelago, known as "the island of gods". I'm pretty sure you might know Bali, but some people think Bali is a country... I'm not kidding hahaha...

Currently, I'm a freelance illustrator and educator of Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU), Faculty of Information Technology, Department of Visual Communication Design. SWCU is in Salatiga, Middle Java, Indonesia. A map might help you out because even Indonesian people were missing this calm and cool city.

I'm teaching Illustration class and Advertising class :)
Just for information, currently I'm 27 years old *ugh!* In here, people thought that a university educators usually old man or old woman, it's stereotype thinking... When people asking my job, they're gonna like "But you're so young!!" even in my 27 yo, it's sound ridiculous when I start this job at 2008 I was 22 yo that time.

Anyway I'm into art :)
Maybe I'm going to talk a lot about it, but I don't really plan things to write in this blog. . . I really have a lot in my mind, sometime it's getting blank. . . (0_o)

Well, sorry for my bad English, I hope to getting better, and see you soon (。◕‿◕。)


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