Living As Indonesian Chinese part 1

Yes, I'm not talking about beauty of make up, as I said before I like to talk about beauty on everything :)
As you might guess, I am an Indonesian born Chinese. This two different country has different kind of beauty. But I was always thought the beauty itself is how do we feel about it, so don't be offended because I'm not trying to say Indonesia and China is more beautiful than other countries.

I've never been going to China, sadly. I've got families there too. My Grandfather is from Fu Jian.

First I thought, Oowww... Fu Jian is very near to Taiwan, from its look on the map.

That's why my name's Hoo :D The more I look at the pictures of China, cultures, nature, the people (good or bad as it is) I feel the comfort of having close relationship with the country. BUT I am Indonesian, I born here, and I also might die here, I hope.

So being Indonesian Chinese, me and families has rules which is acculturation from Traditional China, Dutch, and Javanese. In Indonesia you can't generalize only 1 culture to be known, there's a lot of cultures in Indonesia, I just coincidentally born in Central Java.

So in this mixed culture I grew up and found some what we're a little bit different from Chinese or Indonesian, like building our culture itself.

If you want to go to Indonesia you might say um... native or origin people such as Javanese, Ambonese, Sumatran, etc is more open to tourist or foreigners, on the other side we're might looks a little bit stiff to mingle with foreigners. But believe me, we're excited as much as other Indonesian curiosity about different cultures and people.

Some conversations in Indonesia you might regards first like,
"Selamat pagi" = "Good morning"
"Selamat siang" = "Good afternoon"
"Selamat sore" = "Good evening"
"Selamat malam" = "Good night"

You can open conversation with:
"Hallo, apa kabar?" = "Hello, how are you?"

In common you can calls name of the person you're talking to, but if you talking to someone older you have to call "koko", Indonesian Chinese use this term to call older brother/man, "cie-cie" is use to call older sister/woman, in some regions the pronunciation become "cik" or "cicik".

When you hear "terima kasih", "trims", "kamsya" or "xie-xie" it means "thank you". Indonesian Chinese often use "kamsya" to thanks, it's like business terms but you can use it if you're close enough with the person.

Kamsya for keep reading the blog, and I hope we can share to know cultures in the world :)


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